"Help someone smile with our Flamingoes"

This is a fundraising activity that will also give people a much needed smile after the last, difficult year!

For £20 we will "Flamingo" someone's garden early in the morning with 21 flamingos! 

They will receive a card through their door to let them know they have been Flamingoed and who nominated them.

We will come and catch the flock and take them home at the end of the day, usually by 6pm.

The money raised will be used locally by Swindon Lions Club to help people or groups in need.

To book a visit from our fabulous flamingoes download the order form and email it to



Please read our Terms and Conditions below

Flamingo Order Form

Our Terms and Conditions

The parties involved:
Swindon Lions;
The Booker;
The Booker's Friend

1. Swindon Lions' Flamingoes will only be placed in front gardens with a grassed area or suitable garden bed.
2. Swindon Lions' Flamingoes can only be booked for the Swindon Area.
3. Swindon Lions cannot place Flamingoes where there is gravel, concrete or other paving; where there is a weed membrane or artificial grass; where there are communications cables running under the surface; or on public property or shared front gardens (eg apartment buildings).
4. The Booker is to notify Swindon Lions of any pets that may be disturbed.
5. Please do not book Swindon Lions' Flamingoes if the Booker's Friend is likely to be alarmed or distressed by them and/or their setting up.
6. The Swindon Lions' Flamingoes will be in place for one day.  The aim is that they will be in place by 7am and will be removed the same day between 6pm and sunset.
7. There will be a notice in the garden with the Swindon Lions' Flamingoes to say that the property has been Flamingoed.
8. A card will be put through the letter box to explain that the Booker's Friend has been Flamingoed.   Swindon Lions will include add a personal message if The Booker provides the text.
9. Dates for being Flamingoed are allocated on a first come first served basis and for a booking to be confirmed full payment will need to have been made.


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