Swindon Lions Support Prospect Hospice

Swindon Lions Club members were shocked to learn that our local Prospect Hospice was desperately short of PPE.

The Prospect serves a population of 300,000 in the North Wiltshire and Swindon area in a 16-bed in-patient facility and also provides nurses to administer care to individuals in the last stages of their lives in their own homes. The hospice relies heavily on donations, sponsored events and its own local charity shops, all of which have had to be suspended or closed, so income has fallen drastically due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Knowing of a source of grants available for local needs during the crisis contact was made with the hospice to see if we could do anything to help. They explained that funding to pay for extra personal protective equipment which was running short would be most welcome.

Unfortunately we were too late for the grant funding but by a happy coincidence our Treasurer had just obtained a refund from HMRC under the recently revised gift aid scheme which was very close to the £1,656 needed. A vote was quickly organised via e-mail of the club members and a resolution to send the Prospect Foundation a grant of £1,680 was approved unanimously.